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Refurbished barrels

"They come from new, corked barrels, used for 3-4 years of wine.

Refurbishment consists in very careful cleaning, rod by rod of the vessel, careful, moderate drying and then burning the barrel. Of great importance is the burning, which is done up to the medium degree, after which a careful cleaning is done and then the closing of the vessel.

The use of reconditioned vessels is the same as the use of new barrels for a maximum period of 3 hours with wine.

Refurbished vessels ensure the wine the same qualities as new vessels, but normally their use over time is reduced.

Considering the rather high cost of a vessel, by reconditioning, we recover part of the money, with very good results for the aging of the wine." ,

declares Claudia Melania Bucur- Head of wine selection, Murfatlar Romania.


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